Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotionals for Tuesday 3rd, March 2020 – ‘Triumph, in the End’

‘Triumph, in the End’

St. Katharine Drexel

So shall my word be…
achieving the end for which I sent it.

– Isaiah 55:11

While rolling up my exercise mat this morning, I caught a bit of the news. A brawl had broken out among parents at a Little League game. As is characteristic today, people took out their cell phones to video the shameful behavior. I, like many other TV viewers, I’m sure, shook my head and thought, “What’s this world coming to?”

So often we wonder about the fate of humankind on this one fragile planet spinning out its life in the vast universe. Through the voice of Isaiah, we hear divine words of reassurance. God does have a purpose for all of creation. God’s word goes out and accomplishes his purpose. The plan is so vast, beyond our comprehension. But we know that it involves both sin and restitution, drought and abundance, sorrow and joy. And above all, it is about love, a kingdom of love! Pray fervently for an end to human sinfulness, then rest in the sure knowledge that God will always be with us.

– Jennifer Christ

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