Assemblies of God Daily Devotionals (USA) for Thursday 27th, February 2020 – TAKING POSSESSION



“Take possession of the land and settle in it, for I have given you the land to possess” (Numbers 33:53).

When God gives new territory, it comes with the strength and grace to settle it. Only two living members had even seen what the land was like, and they were ready to make it their own. Every tribe had a portion of land waiting with their name on it. The land had challenges to overcome, but God promised success, for His presence went with them. The Israelites needed to clear the land of the enemy who dwelled there. Then each could go home and get busy working the land.

What new territory has God given you to take and settle? He wants more than just ownership, for land can be acquired and left vacant. He desires a settling, in which building and planting and harvesting occur. In the Kingdom, there is space for everyone and more space available once that has been settled. Build up the place you have been given then go acquire some more in the building of the Kingdom. God’s presence goes with you to give you success.

Challenge for Today: Take steps in your new territory and begin settling in.Quicklook: Numbers 33:50–56

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