Daily Blessing for Thursday 13th, February 2020 – Don’t Forget to Have Fun

May you count your blessings today out loud, one by one, in a louder voice than you’d usually use (it’s hilariously fun that way). Remember a time you belly laughed with a friend and smile at the thought of it. Joyful memories are nourishing for your soul and healing to your body. Take the time to ponder your happier moments. Rehearse the ways God’s been kind to you. Reflect on the blessings that surround you this very day. All of these increase your capacity for faith, hope, and love. Daily, God loves you, blesses you, and equips you. Celebrate your story! Put on a song that makes you dance and shout and give thanks to God for the freedoms you enjoy. May you stretch your arms out in faith, full of expectancy that your future days will be brighter than your past. God is on the throne, working on your behalf. Have a brilliant day. 

Psalm 107:1 ~ Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; and His love endures forever.

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