DCLM Higher Everyday Daily Devotionals for Monday 10th, February 2020 – PETER WALKS ON WATER




TEXT: MATTHEW 14:23-34

MEMORY VERSE: “And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus” (MATTHEW 14:29).

A writer wrote, “Jesus called Peter to come to Him. Deciding it was safer in the storm with Jesus than in the boat without Him, Peter walked towards Him. But there is always a moment after you step out in faith when you hear, ‘What if I am not up to this?’ “Peter heard it and the waves began to engulf him. Panicking, he called and Jesus immediately rescued him…Peter wasn’t drowning; he was learning and growing! When you walk by faith, even your failures will lead to success. So, step out with Jesus; He won’t let you down”. What an encouragement for Christian youths!

Beloved, are you afraid of the upheavals of life, perhaps your ship is tossed by waves in the midst of the sea? Like Peter, step out and walk by faith focusing on Jesus only. He will turn your failures to success, your doubts to faith, your weakness to strength and your timidity to boldness. Do not allow doubt and unbelief to cripple your faith. Learn to walk by faith always and you will conquer.

QUOTE: Step out with Jesus.

CHALLENGE: Walk by faith focusing on Jesus alone.

PRAYER: Help me O God, to avoid faithlessness in Jesus’ name.

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