Our Daily Manna Daily Devotionals for Saturday 8th, February 2020 – SEE WHAT GOD SEES!





Welcome to today’s devotional! We begin with the words of Joel Osteen: “Everything about your God is big, but if you think small, believe small and feel small, your thinking will keep you from every big thing that God has in store for you.”* If you are going to receive and enjoy the great things that God has for you in this divine ELEVATION YEAR, you to ensure that your mindset is not an obstacle. If you cannot see yourself live that life of greatness and glory, God will never be able to bring you into that greatness and glory that He has destined for you.

Look at the command in today’s scripture Vs. 1: “Arise; shine for your light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” Note! It did not say THE GLORY WILL RISE UPON YOU!* It says: THE GLORY IS RISEN UPON YOU! It is DONE! It is there! It is the reality!

Yes! THE GLORY IS RISEN UPON YOU WHETHER YOU SEE IT OR NOT! THE GLORY IS RISEN UPON YOU WHETHER YOU FEEL IT OR NOT! Daily as you go out this year, with the eyes of your spirit, you must see the glory of the LORD which is risen upon you and not the arrows of darkness which the enemy is throwing against you! Stop seeing what the devil is doing! Start seeing what God is doing, has done or going to do by Your eyes of faith!

The devil’s worst strategy for keeping you small and in a small place is that he keeps your thinking “GLUED” to and negative things! Those small things that the devil uses to keep you down and far below what God has for you include disappointments and discouragement, DELAYS, minor setbacks, what people are saying about you, etc.

It’s time to SEE THE GLORY OF THE LORD BY FAITH! Yes! YOU ARE FULL OF GLORY! SAY SO EVERYDAY! See your great elevation testimonies! The word, “Arise” means, to “TURN YOUR FACE” just as Moses turned his face to see the Burning Bush!

Arise, TURN YOUR FACE from gloom, delay, depression, anxiety, failures of 2019, and people’s negative opinions about your life or ministry! In this year 2020, be positive. See what God sees and says about you. Talk about it, Pray about it and WAIT to see it come true!

I prophesy: Heaven shall announce you this year and you MUST possess your possessions because your God CANNOT LIE! Hold on and hold out! I hear the sound of an ELEVATION GOOD NEWS bearing your name! Amen and amen!

52 PROPHETIC MANTLES-IN- ACTION! One special mantle for each Sunday. The Lord gave me a command to release 52 Mantles this year (every week). To be prayed on the ALTAR of the MANNA MOUNTAIN LAGOS. Testimonies are rolling in! Don’t miss praying with them! This is your year!

PRAYER POINTS: Take any song of worship as led.

1. Thank God for today’s word and pray generally as you are led.

2. LORD, I break away from the limitations of the past. I refuse to
see what the devil is doing and I scatter his plans now in Jesus name.

3. LORD, open my eyes to see what you are seeing concerning my
ad ministry this year in Jesus name.

4. You powers disqualifying me from big things, be cut off from my life now in Jesus name.

5. Pray about today seriously as led now.



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