Nigerian Soldiers Prevent Suicide Attack, Save Life of Suicide Bomber

Nigeria’s Northeastern city of Maiduguri experienced quite a scare recently as local police thwarted an attack. According to, two women were apparently devising a plot to attack the city—a plan which was put down by the aid of Nigerian troops. The news outlet further reports upon an interview taken with Nigerian Police spokesman Victor Isuku, who explained in greater detail the high-stakes altercation.

Isuku described how Nigerian soldiers, who were on guard duty, first spotted the two young women heading toward a large gas station. When the soldiers apparently requested that the women stop, the females refused to halt, ignoring the directive and still advancing.

Upon being ignored, the soldiers shot one of the females, who died of the wound, while the second female surrendered. According to Isuku’s account, both of these ladies were strapped with explosives hidden beneath their coats, which, thankfully, the soldiers were able to disarm.

Shaking the local community, the attack occurred Tuesday in the early hours of the morning, just outside of the city of Maiduguri, which happens to be the location where Boko Haram was born, as well as being the official headquarters of the military campaign known to be tasked with curbing the now 7-year-old Islamic revolt that has claimed the lives of more than 20,000 and rendered another 2.6 million displaced, without homes.

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