Assemblies of God Daily Devotionals (USA) for Thursday 6th, February 2020 – NOT LEFT OUT




Logan led the planning committee for his church’s college-age retreat. After working hard to keep costs down, he was concerned that several would still be unable to go. He especially thought of Michael, a freshman who had become a Christian only a month earlier. 

Logan was relieved when his pastor told him that several older members of the church were going to make it possible for everyone to attend the retreat.

“If, however, they are poor and cannot afford these, they must take one male lamb as a guilt offering to be waved to make atonement for them, together with a tenth of an ephah of the finest flour mixed with olive oil for a grain offering” (Leviticus 14:21).

God’s instructions to the Israelites for ceremonial cleansing for skin diseases included the sacrifice of three lambs. Not everyone could afford these sacrifices, so God allowed the poor to bring just one and not be left out. God has established a principle to be followed as you touch others in His name. No one should be excluded from the life of God’s people for financial 


Challenge for Today: What efforts are you making to include those struggling financially?

Quicklook: Leviticus 14:19–22

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