DCLM Sincere Milk Children Daily Devotional Guide for Saturday 4th, January 2020 – TOUCH OF FAITH




Text: Mark 5: 25-29

Key Verse: “For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, shall be whole” (Mark 5: 28)

Rafi was a sickly boy. From childhood he looked malnourished. He was skinny, and his classmates nicknamed him _”bone”_. His parents tried modern medicine, but they could not find solution to the problem. His friend invited him to a Deeper Life Bible Church programme called Easter retreat. He attended the retreat and listened to a message on divine healing. He believed and was made whole. His life changed, he became robust and was no longer called _’bone’_. Jesus is our healer. He heals sicknesses that doctors cannot heal.

In our Bible story, there was a woman suffering from issue of blood. This disease was incurable. Physically, she lost strength because blood was continuously coming out of her. Financially, she had become poor because of paying medical bills all the time.

She was hopeless humanly speaking. However, this woman has something good. She had faith. She said to herself: If I can touch at least, the clothes of Jesus, I shall be made whole. She touched Jesus by faith and she was healed. Whatever is your problem today, it may be problem of sin, sickness, satanic affliction failure. You can touch Jesus through prayer of faith and He will make you whole.

Prayer: Lord, I cast all my burdens upon You. Help me.

Further Reading: Mark 6:54-56

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