The Bad Market Story

I was at a certain junction waiting for a taxi or tricycle (Keke) that would take me to my house.
I waited for about 5 minutes and none came God would have it, one fine girl came and stood beside me
She was heading towards the same direction that I was.
I greeted her sha..even though I didn’t say much to her..I was minding my business with my earpiece.
We waited another 7-10 minutes after which she suggested that we move to the next junction believing we would be lucky and get a taxi there.
So we trekked to the next junction, and as we were going we started talking and familiarizing with each other. We got to the second junction now and stood there for several minutes too..there was no sign of any taxi.
At this point I was not bothered again because my discussion with this hanty was getting interesting, trying to teach her the word of God.

After some time this young fresh guy with Lexus 330 just stopped in front of us. In my mind I was like “NA DEM”.
I knew the reason why some other people hadn’t stopped to pick the lady long before that time was because of me.. .I saw the way some were looking at me as they drove past.
So this one gathered morale and stopped.

He started talking to her, while I pretended not to be concerned with what they were saying.
After a while, he was able to convince her to enter his car so he could drop her.
It was then it dawned on me that I was alone.

A voice now told me “Mobi this is how rapture will happen oo.”
I said to myself thank God it is not rapture it’s just how things happen in the ladies’ world.
I continued pondering on all that happened while she walked towards the car..”So this huncle carried this hanty without even giving me the opportunity to get her number because I don’t have a car.”
This song started playing in my mind “poverty die die die poverty die” ??

When she got close enough and turned back and discovered I was not going with her, she asked the uncle if he wasn’t going to drop me also ?.
He was very reluctant to say yes. He eventually agreed and told me to come in.
Being a proud guy myself, I promptly refused and told him I wasn’t going with him, that he could “carry on.”

The babe now told him that if I wasn’t going she wouldn’t also.
Uncle now started begging me to enter the car oh ??
I vehemently refused because he neglected an odogwu like me.
He now said “idiot Waka” I laughed and told him “ntooooo bad market” then he drove off.
God now provided the lady and I a sharp taxi that took us to where we were going.
Did I collect the lady’s number ?
Local man doesn’t do such??.

They say it is a ladies’ world and men should try to fit in.
One thing must kill a man..some men have chosen women.

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