Worry LESS Pray MORE


He was seated beside me on the bus, constantly bringing out a sheet of paper from his pocket. Every time he brought it out, he looked at it and shook his head pitifully after which he slowly returned it to his pocket.

He did this about four times before the action finally caught my attention.

I wanted to know what was written on the paper.

The next time he brought it out, I was able to take a quick glance and see what was written in it.
The list contained things he needed money to settle.
I saw his children’s school fees, house rent and some other things which amounted to close to four hundred thousand naira 🙆🏻‍♂

He was hissing intermittently, obviously irritated..I felt his pain because I remembered how my dad and mum used to worry those days when school was about to resume.. especially at the beginning of September.
I was now asking myself who was to blame for the condition of the country.

I really wished I could help him..so, I just tapped him and said “sir getting yourself worked up about this whole thing will not solve the problem. If you develop hypertension and something happens to you, you would be subjecting these children to more pressure and hardship. Worry has never solved any problem..worry will always make you blind to the solution to your problem because it will shut down the mind and you will not be able to think out the solution.”

I continued “the Bible says, cast all your burdens upon him for he careth for you..so pray over it, hand it over to God and allow Him take the front seat.”

After I finished, he took a deep breath and tore the sheet of paper.. he was now quite excited and ready to find a way to raise the money and solve his problem.

As long as we are still in this world, problems and issues will not cease, but what matters most is the way we handle it. Situations are meant to make us wiser, stronger and better, and not to break us.
Do not think of tomorrow for your Heavenly Father will take care of it.

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