Trust the basis of all Genuine Relationship

Bear in mind…
Relationship can never thrive without trust.
Leadership is impossible without trust.
Followership is not possible without trust.

Trust doesn’t mean expecting perfection from somebody, it means finding someone reliable, good or effective. It doesn’t mean people can’t make mistakes, it doesn’t mean people can’t betray you, it doesn’t mean once your expectation is not met, you write them off.

Consider this…
No one, not even you have been able to meet up with expectations 100% That is why we must learn to forgive, give another chance or just walk away if we can’t risk another chance.

Saying we can’t trust anyone also means we are untrustworthy. Saying there is no love means love is lacking in us. Many times, relationships gives us the opportunity to see ourselves through the lens of other people’s eyes.

If you must truly walk with someone, you let trust grow. Peter denied Jesus but Jesus didn’t stop trusting that Peter is capable of feeding the flocks.

When we say people betrayed our trust, we should also look inwards and tell ourselves the truth about us. If we are friends, I may flop in some places, I may be full of mess… but, what is the essence of that friendship? It’s to make ourselves better.

So, we can find a common ground to trust people and give them the benefit of doubt until they prove otherwise by hurting us and never caring. We can gently wish them well and walk away.

The problem isn’t people who hurt you but people who intentionally hurt you, never care about it and wouldn’t mind repeating it.

So please, you can still trust people. Just find where to trust them and where to allow them get better… accommodation is impossible without trust.

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