Don’t be too proud to receive corrections


I normally like keeping my left-hand nails even though there’s no good reason for that.
Some people have advised me in the past to cut it, but since it didn’t pose any threat to me (I didn’t use my left hand to eat or even touch my patients) I felt I could continue keeping it.
I always made sure they were neat though.

On this fateful Thursday morning, a 5-year-old boy came to the hospital with his mum for treatment. They brought his folder for me to check his vital signs before sending it to the doctor.
Immediately I took his hands to check his pulse, he quickly withdrew them and asked me a question “are you a nurse?”
I smiled thinking it was normal children’s play, so I nodded.

Naso the baba change am for me oo

“You can’t be a nurse and your nails are like this, you look unkempt”

That one hit my head “gbagam”🙆🏻‍♂🙆🏻‍♂..baba did not stop there o, he continued “don’t you know you are risking yourself and your patient, that I can contact diseases through those nails”, adding finally that they were taught in school that germs live inside untrimmed nails.

The open correction from the young lad caught the attention of everyone in the OPD.. even my fellow workers had to stop and look at the small guy who was talking like an old man.

I couldn’t talk at all..what was going on through my mind was that this boy was not a boy at all.. maybe he reincarnated. The sweet English he was speaking was making the “chanting” interesting.
After he finished, nobody could talk, the mum had to intervene.. she shouted at him to shut up.
That was the time baba had to rest his case.
My colleagues were just looking at the boy and I.
With a considerable amount of shame, I just stood up to get my nail cutter before he gave me a dirty slap too (I mean, who knew what this guy was capable of doing 🤣)

As I was leaving, my mind was just telling me so many things.
One was, God can talk to you through any means.. don’t be too proud to receive corrections even if it’s coming from a baby.
Another thing is, as adults, be careful the kind of life you live in the presence of children, don’t think they are too small or that they would not understand..cos they actually do.

Lastly train up a child in the way he should go, give your child the right exposure, teach them the right things, whatever a child is constantly exposed to when he is growing up ends up forming more than 40 percent of his lifestyle.

I was happy I met Madison that very day. Immediately I came back from cutting my nails I went straight to where he was seated and showed him my nails.. everyone who witnessed the initial drama just laughed, and we hugged.

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