We all have different destinies.


Prior to that week, the principal had already announced that afternoon prep was compulsory for both borders and day students.
We had done that for one week, but the stuff didn’t go well with us (the day students).
So the next week, the senior day students with high morale decided to protest against the infringement of what we perceived to be our right.

Mobi, a JSS 1 student who hadn’t spent up to one term in the iconic school decided to join the protest with some other junior students. Immediately the dismissal bell rang, all of us marched to the gate and started shouting “no more prep! Open the gate!! No more prep! Open the gate!!

It was chaotic

The protest was still ongoing when the vice principal came out and ordered the security men to pursue us back to the class.

The security men asked us to go back to our classes, to which we vehemently refused, stating that the protest would be on until the time of dismissal.

I was in the midst of all the students protesting, and then suddenly, the vice principal saw me from the his office and shouted “hey you come here!!” 🙆🏻‍♂
As we all turned towards him, we discovered that he was pointing at me.

“Why me in the midst of all the students?” I asked myself..
But before arriving at an answer, I decided it would be best to just disappear.
So, as the security men started pursuing us back to our classes, I quickly ran to my class hoping I had escaped.

Few minutes later, compulsory prep began and the whole school was as quiet as a graveyard..it was very obvious that our protest had failed massively.

My heart missed a beat immediately I saw my vice principal walk into my class, because I knew he was coming for me.
I kept a straight face though, as I didn’t have any encounter with him prior to that time..”maybe he wouldn’t even be able to recognize me” I thought 😄
He kept walking from desk to desk, very keen on locating someone (or something as I hoped).
Sure enough he found me, and as soon as he did so, proceeded to flog me mercilessly.

When he was done, he dragged me by my belt to all the classes in school to identify all the people who took part in the protest..and threatened to further punish me if I didn’t cooperate.

As were walking from one class to the other, I kept asking myself why he picked me..of all the students who protested.
I felt I was small and insignificant, and that I could blend in with the crowd.
How wrong was I?

After a while he left me to go back to my class.

See, in life, you don’t follow people and do what they are doing. Your friends might be successful in doing bad things, but once you try it, you might not come out of it.
Never envy the wicked. We all have different destinies ; stick to the right process.

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