Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotionals for Monday 8th, July 2019 – ‘He Wants to Heal You!’

Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotionals

Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotionals
Date: Monday 8th, July 2019
Topic: ‘He Wants to Heal You!’

A woman suffering hemorrhages for twelve years came up behind him…
– Matthew 9:20

I love this profound miracle of the woman healed by merely touching the tassel of Jesus’ cloak. It seems such an easy, quick fix. But what of the 12 years of agonizing suffering? Surely this woman, at some point (or probably several points), must have given up hope, despairing that she would never be healed.

Have you or someone you love known suffering that has persisted for years and years? Perhaps it is a medical condition, a broken relationship, contentious neighbors, a demeaning boss. Whatever the cause, suffering hurts and we want it to end!

The woman in today’s Scripture had faith, but she wanted to access Jesus’ power from the sidelines, unobserved. Amazingly, Jesus senses her presence and speaks directly to her. No slipping back into the crowd now! He exhorts her to have courage and strength of heart; her faith has made the difference.

Today, go directly to Jesus with your suffering. Have courage! Banish your doubts! He wants to heal you!

– Jennifer Christ

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