Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotionals for Thursday 27th, June 2019 – Saving Help.

Living Faith Daily Catholic Devotionals
Date: Thursday 27th, June 2019
Topic: Saving Help. (St. Cyril of Alexandria )

Remember me, O LORD, as you favour your people. Visit me with your saving help…
– Psalm 106:4

Life offers us many blessings. And when we gratefully remember them, we are filled with joy. Life also fills us with difficult challenges. But there’s a consolation in knowing that God is with us; we don’t have to face them alone. There’s an even deeper consolation when we remember specific times when God helped us through difficult situations. There are many examples of this in my life. Maybe you want to take a bit of time to see how this has been true in your life too.

Sometimes, God’s help comes to us in ways we don’t expect. Some time ago, a conversation with a friend gave me unexpected help in making a difficult decision. And many years ago, my discovery of a vocational brochure in the school library helped me to realize my calling to be a priest. God speaks to us in many different ways. We just need to listen.

– Fr. Kenneth Grabner, C.S.C.

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